JO-BEND? - Why is Jo-bend the best can rack on the market?


Why is Jo-Bend rack the best multi-purpose rack available on the market?


Jo-Bend racks made in Finland are a masterpiece of Finnish engineering and brainwork. Patented racks are the most affordable on the market – due to their simple but durable construction. The rack is space-saving and speeds up work considerably when spray bottles do not have to fall like domino pieces when reaching for cans in the cabinet. The product is suitable for many different uses.

The most advanced can-holder

The patented multi-purpose rack is by far the most advanced rack for bottles and spray-cans.

Long lasting and durable

The stainless steel stand can withstand even the most demanding use.

The cheapest bottle rack on the market

Due to their patented manufacturing method, Jo-Bend racks are the most affordable on the market.

Suitable for many applications

Ideal for e.g. display, work use and storage. There are an unlimited number of applications!

Jo-Bend racks are currently available in 4 different sizes. The models are 14, 13, 8 and 1. The model number determines the number of bottles the rack is able to hold.


The Jo-Bend can and bottle racks are thin in the package and well designed for logistics.


Shipping from Finland for private use, companies and retail.


You can order Jo-Bend racks directly from us, from this link. You can also find Jo-Bend racks at the following retailersin Finland: Kärkkäinen, Puuilo and well-stocked ikh stores. If you need Jo-Bend racks for your company, or would like to start reselling our racks, please contact us here.


Jo-Bend racks for a wide range of applications in industry, construction and home use.


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