Jo-Bend 14 bottle and spray-can rack -

Jo-Bend 14 bottle and spray-can rack

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A masterpiece of Finnish engineering – Jo-Bend 14 bottle rack. Multi-purpose rack made of stainless steel. Defines a place for products that is not filled with other items as is the case with closets and countertops.

  • The products are easy to find.
  • You can see at a glance where the product you are looking for is.
  • Easy to see which product is out of stock and requires replenishment.
  • The products stay neatly on a wall that frees up space for other uses (eg countertops, garage / workshop shelves or closets, van floor spaces, etc.)
  • The tool trolley leaves the landing space free and the bottles remain upright and do not leak and clutter places.
  • Long bottles can also fit and stay in place even when moving (eg urethane or degreaser bottles)
  • Also suitable for adhesive and silicone masses and other narrower products !!

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A masterpiece of Finnish engineering – Jo-Bend can holder! Multi-purpose rack made of stainless steel for jars, bottles and spray cans. Fastened to the wall with screws. The product is activated by turning the brackets down. The durable stand speeds up work when the necessary bottles are visible and handy. This rack also prevents the so-called domino effect – you can easily get the bottle you need in your hand without pouring other bottles.

The thickness of the rack material is 1.25 mm.

  • 14-seater
  • Maximum bottle diameter 72mm
  • Dimensions: W 620 x H 390 mm
  • Made in Finland
  • Made of stainless steel plate
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  • Puuilo
  • Ikh-stores

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Product is made in Finland.

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